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Anarchist Memes

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Anarchist Memes

Anarchist Memes

Anarchism stands for reclaiming control over the conditions of your work if not of your life more generally. For more info visit

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(w) – Walt is a member of the IWW. He’s a father, a partner, a worker and an educator.

(GS) – GS is a neurovarient Radical Queer living with HIV/AIDS, and an Anarchist Communist, who participates in workers and tenants organizations and Solidarity Networking. Interests include hardcore/punk, critical theory, queer theory, radical mental health, history and social science. GS is also a writer at

[Alexia] – Alexia is a radical queer living as an androgynous transwoman in the Philippines. She is an Anarchist-Communist, Platformist/Syndicalist, Eco-Feminist, and a post-structuralist. She plays guitars for an underground metalcore band Ethereal Skies and is a member of Autonomous Freedom Initiative (AFI collective), A-Revolt collective, Local Autonomous Network, and of the Anarchist Memes Affinity Group. Ⓐ // ☭ //♀

[Jo] – Jo is a trans woman living in the UK. She is particularly involved with trans activism and anarcho-syndicalism. She is a fan of folk-punk and anarcho-punk music. She has recently reconnected with her local A-Fed after starting transition in spring 2013. She also plays guitar. Well, sort of. Not very well though.

[E] – [E] is an anarcho-communist with Aspergers Syndrome living in Denmark, born in Bosnia Hercegovina while it was still Yugoslavia. He is a Platformist and a member of the group Libertære Socialister and thus the Anarkismo Federation. He is furthermore influenced by some Insurrectionist ideas. He is particularly interested and involved in labor struggles, feminism, antiracism and antifascism.

[J] is an anarcho-communist involved in the Industrial Workers of the World and likes hardcore, good beer, anti-fascism, and flying the black flag high in a hyper-religious, hyper-conservative haven in the United States.

[Ao] – [Ao] is an anarcho-communist living in the Midwest. She is a dedicated Wobbly working in food and retail, a radical vegan, and a founding member of a small but active anarchist and housing collective. She loves folk punk, boxed wine, sewing, cooking, and using a little ingenuity to turn trash into treasure.

[Gideon] – Gideon is an anarchist without adjectives (but with sympathies towards mutualism and syndicalism), as well as a Copwatch activist, a craft beer snob, and someone who is bad at this whole introduction thing.

[k] – k is a trans-queer-feminist-veganarchist wobbly in the urban Midwest in the United States of America. Amongst other things, k is interested in her tribe’s culture, other indigenous cultures, labor history, and wine. She is a founding member of an active radical space with strict anti-oppression principles.

…and some mysterious characters who choose to remain anonymous. 😉

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