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Voluntaryist Socialism

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Voluntaryist Socialism

Voluntaryist Socialism


A group for Voluntaryist Socialists to meet, discuss, and plan according to the principles of voluntary cooperation, equality, liberty, free association.


In a nutshell: you aren’t making voluntary exchanges with a boss when you’re over a barrel. If you don’t get or keep a job, you could be hungry or out on the street. The boss could care less, there are plenty of other people he could hire. Capitalist “Voluntaryism” is not all voluntary exchanges. The Boss-Employee relationship is not one of equality. It also prevents a lot of people from working while compelling the most desperate to work like slaves for horrible corporations and low wages. What I propose is society of voluntary exchange and cooperation, free from the need for a “job” or corporations. I propose that workers own the means of production. Whether collectively as in the case of Bob’s Red Mill, or individually as owner-operators or craftspeople. Socialism is not against business or liberty, it is for equality in business. Combined with the principle of voluntary action, it provides the best model for liberty and equality.