Occupy Anti-Capitalist Caucus

This is a community page for supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement who identify as Anti-capitalists.


People Rise Up Radio

Posted: November 28, 2013 in People Rise Up Radio

People Rise Up Radio


We feature news, discussions, and events relating to ongoing struggles across the globe. http://occupythemedia.podomatic.com/ or Occupy The Media in iTunes

If you like what you hear please donate to us at: https://www.wepay.com/donations/peopleriseupradio

Solidarity for World Unity and De-colonization Solidarity for World Unity and De-colonization


We believe that all humans should inherit resources. Colonialism, capitalism, and inheritance have hindered our quest for unity, liberation, and Egalitarianism.

This page is about building bridges between different cultural movements. This page will address the struggles of every group that it can. Thanks for liking us, please share links on our wall and interact!

Anarcho-Communist Solidarity Alliance


The ACSA facebook page is a tool for social anarchists to spread information and communicate with each other.

To connect as many red/black and social anarchists as possible. To bring you important and interesting news and information related to our struggle.

The ACSA facebook page is a tool for social anarchists to spread information and communicate with each other. We stand in solidarity with anarcho-syndicalists, anarcha-feminists, black flag militants, queer anarchists, the IWW, and any other libertarian socialist movement.

We do not support “anarcho” capitalism. We find that movement to have inherently oppressive qualities and functions contrary to the political theory of anarchism. We believe in organizational equality and mutuality, and we reject hierarchy.

We should not confuse anarcho-communism with state communism (for obvious reasons). Anarcho-communism comes from, among other things, Pyotr Kropotkin’s theory, and does not advocate coercion. Kropotkin advocated a communist society free from central government and based on voluntary associations between workers.

Here stands our model, and love is our creed.

General information

Elitism, vanity, statism, and narcissism are a worldwide crisis in culture. Those elements of culture don’t mix with unity, equality, and/or anarchism. Love, light, liberation, social commune, and a society in which workers inherit resources, is the only kind of society that can truly free us from the chains of the state.

Shit MRAs Say

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Shit MRAs Say

Shit MRAs Say

“But what about men?”

Exposing sexist garbage in the Men’s Rights Movement.

Red and Blackened

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Red and Blackened

This is a page about everything politically and economically red and black.

Homegrown Tomatoism

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Homegrown Tomatoism

Revolution grows in our own backyards. It’s time for the people to take back control of agriculture from the corporatocracy and governments. If they can’t starve you out, you’re that much stronger.

Check our Files tab for books on permaculture and gardening.

Use the resources from this group to become a revolutionary gardener. Whether it’s a flowerpot tomato on the balcony, or a 20 acre farm, we got the resources you need to break free of the clutches of big agriculture and chemical companies.